Networking with Columbia, USC and William & Mary at The MBA Tour Accra

Networking with Columbia, USC and William & Mary at The MBA Tour Accra

The MBA Tour spoke with Naana, an MBA Tour Accra attendee. She is hoping to turn her freelancing work as a content creator and social media manager into a registered business. We asked her about what was useful at the event, and who she got the chance to speak with. 

What aspect of the event did you find most helpful? Which schools did you network with? 

I found every single aspect useful – the meetups, the school presentations, the networking. Every single one was informative, interesting and provided each attendee the opportunity to not only network with these schools but with each other.

I had the privilege to network with;

  • Columbia University. I loved the presentation, the representative and the fact that alumnae from Ghana attended the events and shared their experiences with us. They were honest about how we should be certain Columbia and the city of New York is a best fit before applying. They made us aware that they will love us at their school but they will love it more if we stay true to ourselves and choose a school that best fit our personalities and capabilities which I found amazing.
  • University of Southern California. This was fun and the representative caught our attention when she told us about the opportunity to learn abroad and also acquire skills on the field.
  • William & Mary. I do not know how the representative did it but she got me talking about this school, thinking about this school and being a student at this school. As much as I love the city life and would love to be in New York, the close knit family of William & Mary has a way of grasping your heart and making you wonder if the noise and busyness of the city is worth it when you could have a family in Williamsburg, Virginia. The representative drew a picture of a home away from home which had us all inquiring more about the school. Then the fact that several successful alumnae have moved back to the community and are ready to mentor each student was really a catch.

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