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Job Search Strategies for MBAs

Job Search Strategies for MBAs

Despite the uncertainty created by the pandemic, an MBA is still an extremely valuable asset. Employers have remained confident in the value MBAs bring to their organizations and are not shying away from hiring. The GMAC Corporate Recruiters Survey found that even in light of COVID-19, 77 percent of recruiters expressed an intent to hire MBA grads in 2020. The outlook for 2021 is even more optimistic and has rebounded to nearly pre-COVID levels (92 percent) with 89 percent of recruiters indicating they plan to hire MBAs in 2021.

Having an MBA can lead to advancement in your current industry or open doors to a whole new career path. So how do you get hired? Follow these job search tips to help you land the job you want.

Be Active

Begin the job search process as early as possible. Recruiters for high-demand industries often flock to campus soon after the program begins. Keep an eye out for opportunities like employer-hosted conferences, events and competitions and capitalize on them. Stick around after the event and speak to company reps. Build a relationship and look for reasons to contact them again that demonstrate your skills and the value you can bring to the business.

Seek Compatibility

While it might be tempting to seek the highest-paying job or pursue an opportunity at the biggest company with seemingly endless resources and major thought leaders, it’s important to look for the right fit based on your background, skills and values.

Work Your Network

Your network is one of your most valuable assets. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70 percent of all jobs are found through networking. Get the most out of your business school experience and take advantage of clubs, organizations and alumni associations. Build relationships with professors, staff and fellow students.

Network online as well as in-person. Build your online professional network by connecting with previous and current managers, professors and instructors. Upload your resume and populate your profile. Join professional networking sites like BusinessBecause or MBA groups on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Engage with these pages and build your reputation as an expert in the field.

Many companies use their social networks to fill open positions. In addition to following the business, be sure to sign up for updates on jobs.

Stay Current

Employers expect MBAs to be committed to keeping up with current industry news. Follow industry-specific keywords on social sites and set up custom streams and alerts to stay abreast of the latest developments in relevant topics.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Use your resume and the interview process to showcase your abilities, experience and education. Align each of your skills and accomplishments with the employer’s values and needs. Share specific examples that demonstrate the depth of your knowledge. Consider creating a portfolio of work you have done to bring your experience to life and communicate who you are as a leader.

Last but not least, make your resume easy to find in a recruiter’s inbox by labeling it with your full name, credentials and the position you are applying for.

Keep these job search tips in mind for beginning life after your MBA. Still looking for the perfect program for you? Register for a Virtual MBA Tour to meet your match, today.

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