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Gabelli Launch: A Unique Start to your Gabelli MBA

Gabelli Launch: A Unique Start to your Gabelli MBA

Gabelli Launch is a four-week “preterm” orientation that is required for all incoming first-year students in the Full-time Gabelli MBA program. Introduced 2 years ago, Launch provides our students with a unique opportunity to gear up and get ready for the program before classes begin. The schedule is broken up week by week focusing in key areas of growth for our students. These include leadership development, communication skills, career search process, all while building ties with their peers and creating their lifelong Gabelli network.

No other MBA program around the country offers such an in depth and applied based orientation other than Gabelli. This is an overview of what the four weeks of Launch entail:

Week 1: Leadership Development
Week 2/3: Career and Professional Development
Week 2/3: Data and Analytics boot camp + Analytics Challenge
Week 4: Global Immersion: Community Impact Challenge + Consulting Project

Week 1 focuses on helping each student to discover his or her own leadership style. Working with world-class experts, students work to understand the way they process and communicate information and how to balance their own style with those of counter-parties. Students also go through training on cultural agility and global teams.

Weeks two and three shift to programming around career development and data analytics. Even before courses begin, students are thinking strategically about the MBA internship and full-time job search. Led by the professionals at the Gabelli School’s Career Development Center (CDC), each day of this week focuses a different piece of the career development puzzle. The team offers workshops on networking, interviewing, preparing materials, job exploration and research, and much more.

The other component of weeks two and three is all about data and analytics. Students tackle an industry that they know little about, using data to make a recommendation to a firm of their choice in that industry. Instruction covers databases, data-scraping, and macro programming for bringing together datasets. The week culminates in the 24-hour Analytics Challenge, which pits student teams against one another for a cash prize.

Finally, in week 4, the entire incoming class travels abroad for a social-impact immersion project. Student teams are assigned to local NGOs that are looking for action-ready recommendations that will help them to solve problems they are facing. For the past two years, students have traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Gabelli Launch allows our students to build valuable professional and personal skills prior to even setting foot in the classroom. By the start of classes in September, Gabelli MBA students not only have built strong relationships with their cohort, they also have developed skillsets that will allow them to succeed in the classroom and in their journey towards landing their dream job.

At Gabelli, we value the strength of our community and the personalized attention that students receive on a daily basis. Launch serves as a clear example of a program that fosters the strong bonds between the individuals in the cohort and offers personalized and high-touch programming that aims to better each incoming MBA student.

Additionally, the concept of “Business with Purpose” is at the foundation of Gabelli’s DNA. The global immersion component of Launch is purposefully designed to highlight this mantra, as students work on social-impact projects with non-profit organizations to help them address their respective social causes.

Check out this video to learn more about Gabelli Launch!

Interested in receiving an MBA or Business Master’s Degree? Check out Gabelli’s website to learn more about their graduate business opportunities!

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