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by Bret Nolan Collazzi

Highlighting Vermont's Green Businesses

Cornell students met with some businesses catering to... (Read More)

by Daniel Sternberg

Biorefinery Expands Facets of Sugar Production

Mumbai company finds new uses for sugar by-products... (Read More)

by Andrew Hoffman

Climate Change and Public Acceptance

As scientists present data, public opinion... (Read More)

by Lena Hansen

Why Controlling Greenhouse Gas is Necessary

Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions will have... (Read More)

About the Sustainability Project


The MBA Tour initiated The Sustainability Project last year. Its purpose was to gather leading business schools to discuss issues associated with business school sustainability programs, initiatives and centers of excellence.

Business schools are increasingly investing in sustainability centers and initiatives. While the term sustainability seems as nebulous as it is perhaps necessary to address certain social and business realities, it has proven its ability to permeate the consciousness of business education with genuine purpose and a degree of derision. (Read More)

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