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About MBA Podcaster

MBA Podcaster delivers relevant information and advice through biweekly audio segments for those planning to apply for a Master's in Business Administration.

Guests include deans, admission's directors, recruiters, current students and alumni, faculty, coaches/consultants and more. On each segment we go in-depth on a particular topic of interest to an MBA applicant and interview relevant experts to help make your application process more efficient and successful.





Videocast: Making the Most of MBA Tours, Fairs and Forums

On this videocast, listen to interview from CEO and Managing Director Peter von Loesecke and business school admissions representatives talk about the benefits of MBA events.

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Special feature on The MBA Tour Events

On this podcast, The MBA Tour's CEO and Managing Director Peter von Loesecke talks about how you can prepare for an MBA Tour event, special preparation and peer benchmarking services available to assist in your preparation for an event, and the Do's and Don'ts to keep in mind when attending an MBA Tour event. Learn what to expect from an MBA Tour event, who should attend, and how to get the most out of attending: before, during and after.

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Comparing GMAT Test Prep Companies: Which Test Prep Provider Is Right For You?

Business school applicants have been lining up to take the GMAT since 1954. This year it's your turn. To help you prepare, we have interviewed the various test preparation companies to hear what they have to offer. They'll discuss the different types of courses they offer from traditional classroom courses to private tutoring and online courses. Each company will have the opportunity to explain how they are unique and what makes them stand out. Listen and learn which option is best for you. For more info and to hear other shows visit

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Top 10 Tips for Getting Into Business School: Advice to Follow Before You Apply

Graduating from a top MBA program can mean a higher salary, wider name recognition, and greater career opportunities. Doors open and you have a certain level of pre-existing credibility. That's also why top schools are tough to get into; everyone wants it. If you're reaching for a top MBA program, we have 10 great tips on getting you in. On our show are two admissions directors from top MBA programs and an admission's consultant. For more info and to hear other shows visit

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The 360 Degree Guide to Applying For & Getting Your MBA: Everything You Need to Know for a Successful MBA

Listen in as we cover everything you need to know about applying and getting your MBA. We are covering all the bases from picking the right schools to apply to, calculating your ROI, improving your GMAT score, tackling the essay questions, nailing the interview, deciding on a school, what to do before you hit campus, and how to launch your career upon graduation. No stone is left unturned in your pursuit to an MBA! For more info and to hear other shows visit

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Going Global For Your MBA: How An International Degree Can Expand Your Horizons

Each year the world becomes a smaller place as multinational organizations expand into new territories and link together people from all over the world. Learn how you can capitalize on this evolution in the business world by going overseas for your MBA. Whether you're thinking of going abroad for one semester or for your entire MBA program we'll show you how to make it work. We'll show you how to understand if this option makes sense for you, what to look for in an international school and how to prepare yourself for both the MBA program and your career beyond. For more info and to hear other shows visit

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It's Late August and You Want to Apply to Business School: What Now?

If you're thinking of applying to business school this year, now is the time to get started. You still have enough time to study and prep for the GMAT exam, draft several versions of your essay questions, visit a few top choice schools and ask for letters of recommendation from your allies. But where do you begin and what else should you be preparing for now so that you�re not scrambling to polish your application at the last minute? Find out all you need to know from our expert guests. For more info and to hear other shows visit

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The Best Time to Go For Your MBA: Is Sooner Better Than Later?

It's been a wide-held notion that in order to get the most out of an MBA education you need at least a few years of working experience. Business schools compounded the theory by favoring candidates with solid work experience and turning out classes with an average age in the late twenties. Recently however, some top schools have been bucking the trend by reaching out to younger applicants in an effort to diversify their classes and attract fresh graduates before they become established in their careers. We'll hear from these schools and understand the benefits of getting an MBA at a younger age. For more info and to hear other shows visit

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Acing the MBA Interview: How to Prepare Yourself For Your In-Person Interview

For most MBA programs, being granted an interview is your first step toward acceptance into business school. It's the opportunity for you to make yourself come alive to the admissions committee and show them why you should be included in their upcoming class. It's also a time that many candidates have a hard time setting themselves apart from all the other candidates and verbalizing their individual value proposition. Listen in as we discuss the business school interviews with the admission's directors of various MBA programs and see what they recommend in order to ace your interview. For more info and to hear other shows visit

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MBA Quantitative Skills: Sharpening Your Skills Before You Begin Your MBA

Most soon-to-be MBAs haven't seen the inside of a classroom for at least a couple of years. Basic skills like algebra and statistics have gone to the wayside as emails and PowerPoints have taken over. Students arrive on campus and are immediately confronted with core courses including accounting, statistics, economics and finance and many struggle through this first year, falling behind in the demanding curriculum. Don't start your MBA off on the wrong foot, hear what the deans have to say about the core quantitative all incoming MBAs are required to know and learn how you can prepare now so you'll hit the ground running when you get to campus. For more info and to hear other shows visit

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MBA Admission Strategic Plan: What You Can Do Now to Help Get Accepted Next Year

So you're thinking about applying to business school? It's never too early to start building a strong application. Our guests will help you with the process by telling you the top things you can do now to help you get in next year. Find out when you should start studying for the GMAT and how many times you should plan to take the exam, when is the best time to visit the schools and narrow your list of choices and what you can do now to address weaknesses in your application such as low undergraduate grades or a potentially low GMAT score. Then when you�ve finally finished the application our guests will tell you when is the best time to submit. Get ready to launch your MBA Admission Strategic Plan! For more info and to hear other shows visit

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