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GMAT or GRE – Which Gets the Nod From Coveted MBA Schools?

February 4 MBA Tour event in NYC helps prospective students make the choice

January 2012 The MBA Tour, an independent organization providing worldwide high-quality information regarding MBA admissions to prospective students, partners both with GMAC and ETS, creators of the GMAT and GRE tests. At The MBA Tour’s upcoming event in New York City, students will have the opportunity to meet with admissions directors, learn about the MBA application process and listen to a special presentation which will examine the GMAT and GRE tests further and help applicants make a decision as to which test is right for them. The MBA Tour event is taking place on February 4 at the Grand Hyatt in New York City (11am to 6pm).

Providing a Sneak Peek Into the Controversy “There isn’t one clear winner in the GMAT vs. GRE debate because each test has its merits,” said Peter von Loesecke, CEO and Managing Director of The MBA Tour. “Students need to honestly assess their skills and knowledge to determine which test would be most appropriate and better illustrate their potential as an MBA applicant.”

Representatives from schools are inconsistent in their opinion on the two tests as well, making the controversy even more apparent. Some believe having two tests provides more competition between the companies and more options for prospective students. According to Marie-Laurence Lemaire, Senior Business Development Manager, North America at HEC Paris, “Both tests can effectively gauge an applicant’s merits as an MBA student.”

Other schools believe the introduction of a second test makes the admission process more complex and less consistent as it diminishes the ability to compare candidates with a standard set of data. Kelly Wilson, Assistant Dean and Director, Full-time MBA Admissions at Georgetown University commented: “At this point, there is no long-term data available on how students who are accepted with GRE test results will perform in their first year of an MBA program, making it difficult to accurately gauge the test’s effectiveness.”

Here are a few guidelines prospective students should consider when making their decision:

- The GMAT – More widely recognized, the GMAT was the only standard test for admission to business school prior to 2005. It places more emphasis on math and it is still being recognized as the best indicator of MBA program application trends.
- The GRE – It provides more opportunity to students, including those with dual-degrees, younger applicants, and applicants who completed untraditional MBA-related undergrad degrees. It’s more widely available to international students and costs significantly less to take ($140 vs. $250 to take the GMAT).
- Allegations that GRE results aren’t taken seriously or that students who choose to take it are less motivated are invalid. No school would waste their time with a test that wasn’t effective, and neither the GRE nor GMAT measures a candidate's motivation.
- If a student has already completed a GRE test, there is no need to complete the GMAT (assuming the school to which he or she applies accepts the GRE). This was another major reason many schools have decided to accept the GRE.

But at the end of the day, test results are only part of a successful application. As Lemaire states, “It is important for applicants to remember that the test results are only part of the entire application package. Your personal and professional experiences are also very extensively evaluated, so choosing GRE vs. GMAT is not enough to guarantee your admittance. Work hard, study hard and put together a complete application and you will be more likely to be admitted to the program of your choice, no matter the test you took.”

Registration Stats for The MBA Tour New York Event on February 4:
• 63% of prospective students registered to attend the event are from non-business academic backgrounds, with majors in Arts & Humanities, Economics, Social Sciences, etc.
• Only 37% have a traditional business academic background
• 26% of students attending have taken the GMAT

The MBA Tour will also be holding conferences for prospective students on February 2 (4-9:30pm) at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, VA and on February 6 (4:30-9pm) at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco, CA.

To find out more, to attend any of the upcoming MBA Tour events or to arrange an interview to discuss the GRE vs. GMAT controversy further, please contact or 1.647.867.0093.

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