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Interview BayFounded in the United Kingdom, InterviewBay offers mock interviews to aspiring MBAs, Strategy Consultants, Bankers and General Managers.

Created by recruitment experts from London Business School (UK) and Virginia Tech (USA), InterviewBay's methodology includes a complete verbal and written review of the mock interview by a current employee or an alumnus of the client's target Company, combined with proven strategies to approach the interview with confidence and skill. For example, if our customer has an interview with Goldman Sachs, the mock interview will be conducted by a present or past employee of Goldman Sachs. Since its inception, InterviewBay has hired only the most talented and engaging interviewers, each of whom graduated from a top business school.

InterviewBay also offers mock interviews to aspiring MBA students. Our methodology is unique. If an MBA applicant has an interview with Harvard Business School then the mock interview will be conducted by either a current student or an alumnus of HBS. We strongly believe that a current student or alumnus knows best about their B-School. Our interviewers also include former admissions officers from the world’s most elite MBA programs. Collectively, they have interviewed hundreds of prospective MBA candidates. They are passionate about helping customers gain entry into business schools of their choice, and the results have been spectacular with InterviewBay clients receiving admission to the world’s top MBA programs.