“Spotlight” Your Top Five Business Schools

Peter von Loesecke, CEO & Managing Director The MBA Tour

Since 1993, the MBA Tour has offered an inside view of the world’s top business schools for candidates searching for the ideal MBA program. But even well prepared, you could find the choice at these events daunting.

 “Spotlight” – recently introduced to the registration process of the MBA Tour events, is a voluntary survey designed to help you find your perfect match in a school and MBA program. It was developed with the cooperation of 11 business schools and is based on how a candidate determines the priorities they reveal around choosing a school. Those preferences are used to match students with the top five schools meeting their criteria.

The concept was the brainstorm of Peter von Loesecke, CEO and Managing Director of the MBA Tour, and his marketing team. With 55 schools on the tour, he saw a need to narrow the focus of schools to help in the decision-making process – a focus based on the underlying requirements of the student. Unquestionably, von Loesecke is the ideal person to head a program created to help MBA candidates find their bearings. Traveling from country to country with the MBA Tour, he’s had the chance to speak with hundreds of students either looking for a school or having just been through the MBA experience.

For those of you interested in trying Spotlight, once you’ve registered for an MBA Tour event, you’re automatically entitled to take the survey from the comfort of your home. Be prepared in advance – the choices you make here ultimately affect the selection of schools presented to you. If you’re not ready right away, come back later.

Spotlight topics include learning style, teaching methods, grading, student/faculty interaction, consulting opportunities in the curriculum, possibilities for working with the faculty on projects, career interests that schools match students with, management and leadership, and international opportunities including exchange programs and the flexibility to study in international venues.

Following the survey, you’ll receive a personal invitation from schools whose ideal student profile match yours. You also receive free admission to the event.

At the end of the special Spotlight panel session on event day, you’ll have your chance to meet the decision-making representatives from the on your list.

Interest in Spotlight has already taken hold and the MBA Tour sees it as a huge step in assisting MBA candidates find the right school and right career direction for them.

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