The Importance of Shopping for Your MBA

Peter von Loesecke, CEO & Managing Director The MBA Tour

When researching business schools, the logical first place to start is the Internet. Ease of use, time savings, and the volumes of available information make it an easy draw to finding school specifics, programs, and even course details without stepping outside your door. But are you finding what you need to know – or do you see only what their marketing departments reveal?
When your search is done, you should have a sense of the school’s community culture alongside its academic profile. Does it meet your objectives for career interests, faculty interaction, or international study opportunities? Did you take the time first to discover those goals and expectations for yourself?

Everyone at the MBA Tour believes meeting people face-to-face and entering into specific discussions on your career choice is your only assurance of finding a program you’ll be happy with.

“This is a market where you’re buying a very intangible product that could very well define your opportunities based on the community you ultimately join,” said Peter von Loesecke, CEO and Managing Director of the MBA Tour. “I can’t emphasize enough when you’re buying an MBA program, you’re spending in the order of $100,000, and more considering lost income. Why would you not want to meet a representative from a program you might consider?  Also, there are some students out there who are investing at least $750 in test prep services for the GMAT and some are spending as much as $5,000 for admission advising services.”

The first step von Loesecke suggests is taking the Spotlight survey once you’ve signed up for an MBA Tour event. It forces you to focus your thinking and offers factors to help you decide on the schools that match your career and requirements. The Tour offers students an opportunity to meet with decision makers from schools who are also interested in making a connection with you, personally. “We might suggest a meeting with a school you’ve never heard of before because it offers something you’ve revealed in your choices,” he added. “We’re not trying to influence your decision but trying to broaden your horizons a little based on what you’ve said is important to you.”

Brochures and the Internet can give you facts – but its interaction that helps you experience the school. Even the most hallowed business schools might not be the correct choice for you. “Someone might tell you Harvard Business School is always a perfect match because of the opportunities it presents you,” explained von Loesecke, “But with those opportunities, are you the best person for them, and will you be content in the long run?” In the end – the choice you make now is the one you will live with for a long time to come.

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