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An MBA is great investment in your future, but it is an expensive undertaking. Fortunately, there is more financial support available then ever, but finding options available to you requires research. What follows are examples of some of the many opportunities available. There is additional information available at our website: www.thembatour.com

Financing an MBA at Tuck

All admitted students who apply for financial assistance are considered for awards based on a combination of need and merit. In assessing merit, Tuck considers a variety of factors including exceptional academic performance, leadership, professional accomplishments, service, and ability to contribute to the diversity of the Tuck community. Scholarship recipients may be notified at the time of their offer of admission to Tuck, or when they receive their financial aid package.

Tuck has a variety of loan programs including Federal Stafford, Federal Perkins, Dartmouth Educational Loan Corporation (DELC), Tuck 5%, Tuck Educational Loan Corporation (TELCO), and private educational loans. International students may also be considered for the Tuck International Loan program, where students may be eligible to borrow up to the full cost of attendance after subtracting other financial aid.

Tuck plans to award 10-12 scholarships to qualified European students in the class of 2008, and has doubled the number of scholarships offered to students from Latin America.

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Business School Offers Financial Aid to Many MBA Students

Through the generosity of corporate, individual and foundation donors, Columbia Business School is able to provide many full-tuition and partial tuition fellowships for exceptionally gifted students.
Board of Overseers Fellowship
The Board is composed of 80 accomplished men and women from 14 countries who are global leaders in a range of industries, from financial services to manufacturing to technology to the arts. This year the Board will award up to 20 fellowships (up to $25,000) to incoming domestic and international students.

Feldberg Fellowship
The Feldberg Fellowship is given each year to entering students who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership potential as well as academic excellence. Ambitious and energetic, these entering students will have a record of success in areas as diverse as athletics, entrepreneurship and the military..

Project Charity Trust
The Project Charity Trust (PCT) Fellowship Program provides financial assistance to students from the European Union who have not only demonstrated academic and professional success and a a significant commitment to philanthropy, the PCT Fellowship aims to create a community of people dedicated to improving the lives of others. Special consideration is giving to those students who are pursuing career plans in Europe. The Fellowship covers tuition costs for one year, and is renewable.

Ela Lemelbaum
The Ela Lemelbaum Scholarship provides financial support to admitted Israeli students. The Scholarship is awarded with special consideration given to students living in Israel, or those who have studied at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya, Israel. This is a $15,000 award, partially covers tuition costs for one year, and is renewable for the second year.

Kopf Fellowship
The School offers several Kopf Fellowships each year to students with a demonstrated interest in international business.

Alexander Bodini Real Estate Fellowship
Daniele D. Bodini MBA '72, chairman and owner of American Continental Properties Group (ACP), has provided this opportunity for a student entering the MBA program to pursue real estate education and covers full tuition for the first year.

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The Schulich School of Business Offers a Variety of Scholarships

The Schulich School of Business at York University offers more than $4.5 million in scholarships and bursaries. Schulich's record-high scholarship funding is an important part of the School's campaign to attract the very best students from around the world.
Prospective students should apply early to be considered for the first round of scholarship offers. Schulich scholarship offers for a Fall MBA or IMBA program start date begin February 1st and continue through the Spring. Scholarship offers for a Winter MBA program start date begin after July 15th.

Special scholarships offered:

  • The Robert Krembil Scholarship of Merit, valued at $60,000, is awarded to an Canadian or international MBA applicant who has demonstrated academic achievement; has a minimum of four years working experience; excellent communication skills; leadership ability; and made a contribution within the community. Additional Robert Krembil Awards include the Robert Krembil MBA Award, valued at $40,000 and five Robert Krembil Entrance Awards, equivalent to first year tuition.

  • Ten $20,000 scholarships are donated each year by the School's benefactor, Seymour Schulich. The Seymour Schulich and Tanna H. Schulich Entrance Scholarships recognize incoming MBA students who have demonstrated academic excellence, have at least two years working experience, community involvement and leadership in the workplace.

  • Several awards recognize women in the MBA program. These include the Canadian Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs Scholarship, the Women in Capital Markets Heather L. Main Memorial Scholarship, and the Carole Anne Letheran Women's MBA Award.

  • Several awards recognize students with disabilities. These include the Marnie Walker Overcoming Adversity Bursary, given to students who have overcome a substantial challenge in completing their MBA studies; as well as the CIBC Access Awards and the General Motors of Canada Limited Bursary.

  • Schulich has established a new award in the area of business ethics. The O & Y Award for Outstanding Achievement and Leadership in Business Ethics and Good Governance valued at $3,000 has been created to recognize students who have demonstrated significant achievement in business ethics.




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