The MBA Experience in Canada

A Canadian MBA can best be described as part US and part European. Although most of the programs are similar to the traditional US two year MBA program, there are a few which are shorter in length and closer to the European model.

Canadian MBA programs are generally 16 to 20 months in length including a brief internship period. The shorter programs allow students to progress quickly through their MBA and become business leaders within a short time. Usually 15-25 hours of classes each week as well as in-company projects and reports consume students' time 24/7.

Canadian business schools enroll very diverse people—35-65% are from outside Canada. These students are not only from the US but everywhere, and represent a broad range of cultural, professional, academic, and linguistic backgrounds. They bring the world into the classroom and help each other prepare for a global career.

Faculty members are often as diverse as their students representing the rich, cultural mosaic that is so unique to Canada. Moreover, many Canadian professors are often educated abroad or have taught or worked internationally.

International students are attracted to Canada because cities are both safe and multicultural. In Toronto you can hear 140 different languages! The United Nations has voted Canada as one of the best countries in he world to live in.

For those of you looking for a top tier business education without the top tier price - Canada should be on your list. Although the Canadian dollar is gaining strength, you can still get a globally ranked Canadian MBA for a fraction of the cost of a US or European program.

Canada is a country of immigrants with a liberal immigration policies. It's relatively easy to get a visa to study in Canada and it's possible to work in Canada for one year after you have completed your MBA. If you choose to stay longer, you can apply to become a permanent resident. Although it may take some time, your application will likely be granted.

The employment statistics for international students who wish to work in Canada are also impressive. For example at one Canadian business school, 100% of students from Latin America and 100% of students from India were employed three months after graduation in the local city.

So if you are looking for a great MBA, at a great price, in a great city, in a great country - you can't beat Canada.

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Ivy School of Business
McGill University
University of Toronto


MBA Student Profiles

"I came to the Ivey MBA program to enjoy the true diversity that Canada offers. Living in London, Canada is a new and gratifying experience after living all my life in Mexico City. I appreciated that Ivey was a top school that treats its applicants like people, not numbers; when you send emails you get personal answers. You can feel the difference. During my first months here I realized that this friendly approach is an essential part of the Ivey experience.

The faculty are impressive. They promote understanding and learning by challenging our reasoning. They respond to us with insightful questions. We have to "earn" our degree and develop our analytical and soft skills. We are not receivers but active players in our own learning experience."

Juan Angeles, Peru
Ivey School of Business
University of Western Ontario

"I chose to pursue my MBA to gain a global perspective, a fresh set of business skills and deeper management insights. Having worked for five years in manufacturing following my engineering degree, I know obtaining an MBA will help accelerate my career. I chose the Schulich School of Business because of its innovative and diverse programs in one of the best global learning environments. Students and faculty work together in a microcosm of the global village."

Siddartha Pandey, India
Schulich School of Business
York University

"As a European, studying for an MBA in North America is surrounded by a special aura. But North America is not just limited to the USA. Canada not only offers a more interesting choice in terms of total cost, but also in terms of cultural offerings. When choosing a university for graduate studies many different factors are part of the decision process, but to me location actually came in as the most important. Obviously the business school has to be top notch, have a good reputation, entertain good connections with the workplace and teach you the right material, but it's true that there are many schools that do so. Sauder was the choice for me. The school has outstanding faculty, renowned business researchers and the campus is on a enormous green forest-filled peninsula that drops into the Pacific Ocean. What more could MBA students ever ask for?"

Sverre Panduro, Italy
Sauder School of Business
University of British Columbia

"I wanted a North American education with exposure to North American and Pacific Rim cultures in a business school with a strong reputation for its research and faculty. Canada and the Sauder MBA program represented a good fit for me: a world-class program in terms of quality of the faculty and instruction that students receive with some pedagogical innovations such as the "Integrated Core". "

Laura Gasparini, Italy
Sauder School of Business
University of British Columbia

"If an international setting and diverse points of view are what you are looking for, McGill is the answer. One can be sure to meet colleagues and faculty from all four corners of the world, ensuring conveyance of a unique and broad perspective in business. The opportunity to work in Canada after my MBA was an added benefit."

Federico Veiga, Uruguay
McGill University

"As the Director of International Affairs on the Graduate Business Council, I was greatly impressed by all the wonderful students, staff and faculty in the Schulich School of Business. Sharing and conquering my culture shock with other international students and adapting to the North American environment while at Schulich, has helped me to effectively launch into Canada's business world. Before I came, my friends told me that Schulich is a great business school. After experiencing it for myself, I strongly share the same view. Schulich has been one of my wisest investments."

Hongmei (Cathy) Li, China
Schulich School of Business
York University

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