The MBA Experience in Europe

By definition Europe is international, a mix of nationalities and customs in a relatively limited geographic area. Top European MBAs will effectively make use of this diversity within the learning environment, integrating the continent's inherent multiculturalism into all aspects of the learning environment. While anchored in Europe, top programs attract professors, participants and recruiters from around the world. The classroom experience, group-work and social activities in such an environment become even more enriching, with participants confronting cultural richness on a daily basis. Alumni associations, active around the world, ensure the value of the MBA network.

The European MBAs are 11-18 months. Some may argue that you can not learn in one year what you learn in two. However, the case is that in European MBA programs classes are held every day from the morning to the afternoon, work groups usually work all-nighters to complete their assignments, there are very few holidays and there are no three months internship programs. In fact some may argue that if you can handle the pressure and work load of a one year MBA you are ready to tackle almost any job out there.

While many European MBAs are taught in English, programs may also encourage the student to learn the local language, or may even be bilingual. Managers with language skills are ever more in demand by truly international companies, giving a definite edge to graduates with real language competence.

It is obvious that in today's economy, most companies face increasing competition domestically and internationally. In fact, companies that want to maintain a dominant presence in the market must be competing on a global scale. More and more companies are finding this reality and are having to do business outside their borders. In addition, as more free trade agreements continue to proliferate among countries of the world, the role of the multicultural/multilingual manager will become even more important. That is why, for anyone earning an MBA outside the United States the chances of employability are higher inside these global companies both in the United States and Europe.

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MBA Student Profiles:
Studying in Europe

"Choosing to study my MBA in Europe gave me more than just a qualification; it gave me an experience for life, a truly international perspective, a network of colleagues from all over the world, and
most importantly the mindset of today's leadership."

Omar Diaz
MBA Candidate '05
Warwick Business School

"Today's International MBA requires an educational institution that impresses the merits of diversity, and nuances of character and culture, upon its students. By studying in Europe, I've been privileged to work and learn with the most diverse, most qualified group of students and faculty one could hope for - a microcosm of the global village."

Alex Munro
MBA Candidate '05
RSM Erasmus

"With a background in Marine Engineering from India, I have worked in Asia, the Caribbean's as well as the US before joining the MBA Program at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark. Given my international background, the diversity and strong focus on leadership development and development of soft skills offered in European MBA programs are best suited to my ambition. The European MBA programs are quality and quantity conscious and invest a lot of time in selecting a batch which is rich in experience but not large in numbers and last but not the least, the one-year MBA offers me the fast track management training that will take me to the next level of my career. In addition, the cultural diversity of Europe is a good learning ground to be an International Manager."

Piyush Krishan Sharma
MBA Candidate '05
Copenhagen Business School

"In my last few years working in the United States before joining an MBA programme, I was fortunate enough to be given the responsibility of managing projects that were predominately global in nature. In that experience, I was introduced to the nuances of conducting business in foreign environments and learning to interact with professionals with a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. The differences were so intriguing that I realised there was much to learn from further exposure to internationally diverse situations.

In order to gain credibility in the ever-globalising business world, I thought it would be essential to educate myself in an international setting. While investigating MBA programmes in the United States, it became quite clear that internationalism was not a priority and I was compelled to broaden my search. With its excellent rankings and dedication to maintaining a diverse student body, London Business School was the optimal choice for me to maximise the potential of my business education. London itself is well positioned with its importance in the business world, appeal to numerous cultures, and proximity to European markets. As a future leader in a globalising economy, I will undoubtedly credit London Business School with bestowing me with the tools to encourage business productivity across international borders."

Michelle Werner
United States
MBA Candidate '05
London Business School


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